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8 Unique UK Wedding Gift Ideas for 2024

Gift Inspiration Published Jun 06, 2024

Looking for wedding gift ideas for couples who haven't got a wedding list? No problem. We've got you covered with our favourite unique, thoughtful and personalised wedding gift ideas for 2024, all made in the UK by some of our favourite small businesses.

Do people still give wedding gifts?

Yep. They certainly do! Wedding gifts are most definitely still a thing. If you've been invited to a wedding, you should at least show up with a card as a token of your gratitude. It's traditional to send a gift either ahead of the big day or in the few months following. 

What is considered a good wedding gift?

Well, the answer to this one depends.

Cash is always going to be appreciated, of course. You can't go wrong with money inside a beautiful wedding card. And if that wedding card is personalised, unique, beautiful and can be framed, well that's even better! Check out our wedding cards here

A papercut wedding card with a date, 2 names and the words "on your wedding day" surrounded by laser cut leaf and flower shapes

If, however, you'd rather give the happy couple something more personal than cash, then read on for our favourite thoughtful wedding gift ideas for 2024. 

We've got wedding gift ideas to suit all budgets, starting with cheap wedding gift ideas for under £15 all the way up to luxury wedding presents. If the couple are already living together, or they are quite literally the couple that have everything, we reckon we might just have a suitable wedding gift idea here.

If you're looking for a wonderful wedding gift from a UK small business, you've come to the right place! 

The Best Wedding Gifts for Under £20

framed paper cut wedding gift

Frame a personalised papercut wedding card. Take a look at this step-by-step guide. Card £5.75, Frame £7.00

A weekly bucket list for their first year of marriage. Simply fill in the blanks with something for the newlyweds to do each week during their first year of marriage. £17.95 from Martha Brook

Unusual Wedding Gifts for Friends

This Personalised Solid Copper Photo Print, from Oakdene Designs is perfect if you have a gorgeous photo of the happy couple. £32.00


vintage wedding gift picnic set

Vintage picnic sets like this one from Etsy are a fun and unique wedding gift for the couple who likes to get outdoors. Prices vary from about £30-£600, but this one is £48.00

Vinyl Wedding Gift

For the music-loving couple in your life- a personalised seven inch vinyl record with their favourite song. £55.00 from MixPixie

Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding tree gift idea

The Myrtle Tree Gift Crate is a gorgeous wedding gift for the couple that loves their garden. £42 from The Gluttonous Gardener


This utterly gorgeous Personalised Carved Floral Test Tube Vase is made by Lindsay and Tony at Cornwall-based Wood Paper Scissors. £95.00

For bigger budgets, take a look at this wedding memory case from Meminio for £170. 

What not to give as a wedding gift?
This is a tricky one! There is, of course, a whole load of wedding gift etiquette to bear in mind. Although wedding gifts are not mandatory, they are sort of expected. And unless the couple have specifically requested no gifts, you should probably not show up empty-handed. If they have requested no gifts, a wedding card is definitely the way forward. 
A few other definite no-no's for wedding gifts- 
  • Self-help books. Even when sent with the best intentions, any relationship advice type of gifts may not be received in the way you intend. 
  • Toasters and other household appliances (unless they are on the couple's gift list. Many couples live together before their wedding day and already have a toaster and kettle)
  • Re-gifted items. Just don't. 
  • Joke gifts, or inappropriate things that'll make the grandmothers blush. Probably best to avoid anything...ahem... intimate. 
  • Any gift that is just for one of the two people getting married. The idea of a wedding gift is that it is a gift for both of them to enjoy and share, you know, together. 

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