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A Super Easy and Brilliant Gift for Under £15

Gift Inspiration Published Apr 05, 2024

Do you have a christening, wedding, anniversary or engagement coming up and need to find a suitable yet low-budget gift for them? Well this is the blog post for you, my friends! 

I always find it tricky to source unique, thoughtful gifts for under £20, so this simple idea is perfect. And the best part? It's personalised! You can use any papercut card design, so it could work for any occasion. 

christening gift idea


First thing's first, no, I am not on commission! This floating frame came from our local Asda and cost just £5. Ikea do something similar for about £7, so it's worth having a little look around to find the best one for you. 

floating frame gift


Step 1- Order a small, personalised laser cut card for £5.75 (do we know anyone that does such a thing?) and purchase a floating frame. Here's the link to the Christening design shown in the images.

trim card with a craft knife


Step 2- Carefully trim the front of the card along the score line, using a ruler and craft knife

place your papercut in the centre of the glass frame


Step 3- Take the glass out of the frame and give it a clean. Then measure to find the centre of the glass and line up the front of the card. I used a cutting mat as a guide, it really helped me to get it straight and centred- highly recommended.

attach glue dots to your paper cut card


Step 4- Place a sticky glue dot in each corner of the card, on the back so they don't show through. Attach the card to the back sheet of glass and place the front sheet on top.

Step 5- Put the frame back together, and there you have it- a gorgeous personalised gift for less that the price of a takeaway. 

This works perfectly for so many occasions and has become my go-to gift idea for every wedding or christening. 




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