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A Wonderful Christening Card Idea

greetings card inspiration Published Apr 12, 2024

I think this might be one of my favourite ways to ensure that you're sending the best wedding card ever! I absolutely love this idea for those really special events- I'm talking about your son or daughter's wedding, a grandchild's Christening or the birth of your first child. 

Calligraphy example


I was contacted a while back by a calligrapher who had been commissioned to write a passage inside one of our cards for a very special Christening. She sent me these stunning photographs of the finished card, and, I think we can all agree, her work has improved the card infinitely. 

So what is calligraphy, exactly?

Calligraphy is, in simple terms, the art of creating beautiful handwriting. The term is believed to derive from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein). And looking at these images, you can certainly see why!

Western calligraphy can be split into two categories- Traditional and Modern. 

Traditional calligraphy follows some very specific rules around proportions of letters and even writing your letters in black ink, on a straight baseline and at a specific angle (55 degrees, to be exact!)

traditional vs. modern calligraphy
Modern calligraphy has a lot more freedom to it. It can be in any colour, the letters can be more upright and have a "bounced" baseline- that's where the letters aren't all sitting on the same line.
calligraphy inside a wedding card
So there you go, if you want to send a completely unique and one of a kind card for one of those massive life events, why not employ the services of a calligrapher?
Calligraphy truly is an art, and one that I wish I could learn. Sadly, I'm not sure that it's an option for me... I was once told that my handwriting looked like a spider had fallen into a pot of ink and proceeded to drag itself across the page! I think I'll be leaving the calligraphy up to the professionals and employing the services of a calligrapher to write inside those really special cards.  
I must admit, I didn't even know this was an option until Sapphire contacted me with these photographs, but (spoiler alert) I know what I'll be doing when my children get married! 

Go check out Sapphire's beautiful Instagram page, Just Because Calligraphy HERE.

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