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Spotlight On: Our Best Selling Wedding Card

greetings card inspiration Published Jun 21, 2024

personalised laser cut wedding cards UK


Did you know that we've sold over 70,000 cards of this particular design?! That's a lot of weddings! 

We thought it would be nice to share a little bit out our most popular, best selling wedding card. Here are some of your questions answered:

Where did the inspiration for this wedding card come from?

This unique wedding card was developed from our best selling laser cut engagement card, after we were asked (many times) if we could turn it into a card for weddings. The original engagement card came from a customer request for "an engagement card, but more!" -it was a short brief, but gave us everything we needed to develop this design. We created an intricate, leafy design with added details like the tiny pair of birds and the couple's initials. Safe to say, this design was a big hit from day 1. 

Have you ever made this personalised wedding card for any celebrity weddings?

Mayyyyyybeeee... ok, yes. We have. Quite a few, actually. Oh, I wish we could tell you who! I can confirm that the list does include Hollywood movie stars, Olympic swimmers and Formula 1 racing drivers. I can't say any more though. My lips are sealed!  

What's the most popular colour combination for this wedding card design?

The cream card with the gold leaf paper, by miles.

Once upon a time, we used to offer this card in a range of card colours, but, it turns out, that way madness lies! So now we only cut our cards from the Pogofandango classic cream- it was the most popular card colour and we love it. We currently stock 18 paper colours, so there's still plenty of choice, and we'll always try to help if you're after a specific colour that's not on our list.

Saying that, about 75% of orders for this card are in the cream and gold leaf combo, as shown in the main image. You can see why, right?!

coloured paper

I'd love this wedding card for a same sex wedding. Can you help?

Of course! We can make this card with "Mr and Mr", "Mrs and Mrs" or "Mx and Mx" (or any other variation). This card is perfect for any gay or lesbian wedding. Simply let us know which wording you'd like when you add the personalisation. Easy peasy. 

Is it possible to make this card for a doctor?

Yep. We can change the titles to Dr and Dr, Dr and Mrs, Mr and Dr... We can do any combination, just let us know when you order.   

How is this wedding card made?

Unlike many laser cut cards, our wedding cards are all made in the UK, and all made to order. We draw each one individually, taking time to arrange the text on the curved lines inside the heart, changing the angles of the lettering so they fit perfectly. We then laser cut your wedding card in our UK studio, using specialist equipment that we've developed to minimise the risk of scorched, brown edges (something you'll see a lot in mass-produced, imported laser cut cards). Each card is then hand finished- we "weed" the cards (remove any leftover bits of card that shouldn't be there), and glue in a paper insert.

Are these wedding cards eco friendly? 

Our wedding cards are pretty eco-friendly- they are made from FSC certified card and paper, which are fully recyclable. Our packaging is made from plant-based materials, so there's no single use plastic here! We also use up every scrap and offcut- making gift tags and smaller cards as well as donating paper offcuts to local schools and nurseries for crafting projects. Did we mention we're a plastic free champion and our rubbish is collected by a Zero to Landfill company? 

Who should I get this card for?

Buy this card for anyone getting married! Our wedding cards are ALWAYS well received, whether they are for friends, family or for you to give to your bride or groom on your wedding day. These wedding cards are a popular choice for parents to give to their son and daughter-in-law, or daughter and son-in-law. 

P.S. This card also works well as an anniversary card! 

What's the best review you've ever had about this card?

 There have been so many that I couldn't possibly choose. Here are just a few: 

"Love the card and so did the newly weds!! A great keepsake, more than just a card."

"These cards are always beautifully made and leave such an awesome impression on the recipient. I always buy these cards for weddings and will continue to do so. I love them."

I want to frame this wedding card, which frame would you suggest? 

This is a tricky question, and, essentially, it comes down to budget. If you've got more to spend, why not look at a local framers and see what they can do for you. We use The Banana Shed Framing Company, who are local to us. Kitty makes frames in her riverside studio, just down the road from us, and the finished items are one million times better than any shop bought frame. 

If you're looking for something cheaper, we've actually got a helpful article here with a framing tutorial.

a groom holding a wedding card
This photo was kindly sent to us by one of our lovely customers, who gave this card to her husband on their wedding day. Thank you Nicola.  



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