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Cancer Zodiac Birthday Gift Ideas

Gift Inspiration Published Jun 19, 2024

Cancer Season- 21 June- 22 July

Cancer zodiac sign paper cut

Cancer folk, like their celestial crab counterpart, are protected by a tough external shell, but once you get to know them you'll see that they really are sensitive and soft on the inside. Cancer signs are notoriously intuitive, loyal, charming and creative. Cancer is the sign of motherhood- nurturing and protective. They are all about the self-care and home, and they love nothing more than a nice long soak in the bath or a home-cooked meal. Cancer star signs prioritise family and home, and they love creating safe, cosy, pretty spaces to spend lots of time in.

Does this sound like your Cancer friend? We have a Cancerian in our office, and I can confirm that she perfectly fits this description! If so, here are a few Cancer birthday gift ideas to get you feeling inspired.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Gifts for Smaller Budgets
cancer scented hanging star gift

Hanging scented stars from Flamingo Candles for £6.00

Pink and Orange Candle, from £6.95


Paper cut Cancer postcard from Pogofandango, £3.50 

Or why not put together the ultimate self-care-package? Fill it will yummy self-care goodies like skincare treats, bubble bath, face masks and their favourite chocolates. 

Pink Sun and Moon Notebook from Lisa Angel, £10.

Gifts for a Cancer Zodiac Woman

How beautiful are these flower candles from Holly & Co? £22.95 

Alice in Sockland gift set from Chatty Feet, £33.00

Atlantic Blankets gift set

 The ultimate cosy night in gift box from Atlantic Blankets, £115


Chunky knit blankets and throws like this one from Lauren Aston Designs, starting at £200.


I asked our office Cancerian what her perfect birthday gift would be, and her reply was, "You could just get me a card and I'd be happy, I like everything." So there you go, straight from the horse's mouth! Make sure you remember to get them a card. Take a look at our Cancer Zodiac Birthday Card here


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