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5 Ways Cards Are Good For Mental Health

Just For Fun Published May 16, 2024

Sending a greetings card can have a real positive impact on someone's mental health. As it's Mental Health Awareness week, we thought we'd share some of the mental health benefits of sending someone a greetings card. 

1- Physical Connection- When you hand write a message in a greetings card and send it on to someone, it is a direct, physical connection between you and them. This can help them to feel closer to you, even if you are miles apart. Fun story- we once received an order for a card that was going to be sent on to a very important person, something I made and touched would be held by them- so now I feel like I have a direct connection with this very important person (and no, I can't tell you who!)

A lady handing a greetings card to another lady


2- Emotional Connection- A greetings card can promote emotional connections between the sender and recipient. It is an opportunity to write a personalised, thoughtful and meaningful message from your heart. There is something so wonderful about a hand written message that conveys a person's true feelings. Receiving a card reinforces social bonds and lets the recipient know that they are loved, cared for and appreciated.  

someone hand writing on an envelope


3- A Tangible Keepsake- A greetings card is something that can be kept as a physical reminder of an event or a person. Greetings cards are often kept in memory boxes for the recipient to look back on. Why? Because people like to keep hold of sentimental things. 

A memory box with greetings cards, postcards and photographs


4- Happy Post! - How many times have you received a bundle of mail and groaned because it's all bills, statements and boring things? Imagine a happy little surprise tucked in that pile of brown envelopes. Unexpected happy post can be a welcome and positive surprise that boosts the recipient's mood and brightens their day. 

Mail hanging on a line of string


5- Generosity- The act of choosing the perfect card for someone, writing a meaningful message and sending it to your friend or family member can make you feel good too! By brightening someone's day with a card, you are completing an act of kindness.

So, in reality, sending a card is not an entirely selfless act!

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