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Happy Pisces Season 19th Feb - 20th Mar

Gift Inspiration Published Feb 23, 2023

19th February - 20th March is Pisces season! 

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolising a conflicting desire to live a life of fantasy vs reality. Yep, Pisceans are like the instagram vs. reality of the astrological world! On one hand, they want the dream life, they can be driven, busy and striving for perfection... but on the other hand... well...staying home and watching a movie in jammies is just as good. 

And on that note, some Piscean traits include sensitivity, empathy, compassion, intuition, kindness, understanding and thoughtful. Pisceans feel all the feels, they are usually the criers, the soppy ones, the ones you go to when you need to talk. Your typical Piscean will love being near water, swimming, surfing, walking on the beach, dancing, romance, writing and anything involving music. 

Does this all sound like your Pisces friend? If so, read on our top tips on inexpensive ways to please a Piscean on their birthday...

1- Self-care treats. Pisceans are all about empathy and kindness, and can often forget to treat themselves, so a self-care package is sure to be appreciated- try skin care products, slippers, fluffy socks, a delicious smelling candle, a voucher for a yoga class, you get the idea. 

2- Romantic gestures- flowers, a mix tape (or playlist for people living in the 21st century!) hand made gifts- we love to scour Etsy for the most beautiful and thoughtful hand made gifts, and if you're supporting a small business in the process, then extra brownie points for you- well done!   

3-Water-based fun- Ok, not many sensible people want to jump in the sea in February/March (Not for me, thank you very much!) but you could go for a beachy walk, boat trip, or, and I like this option the best, an indoor heated pool (preferably one with a sauna, just sayin')

4- Musical merrymaking- dance, sing, pop on a playlist and dance around the kitchen like nobody's watching. Pisceans love music. 

5- Written word- give them a beautiful card that they'll want to keep forever, thus appeasing their sentimental, romantic side. Write a thoughtful, from-the-heart message inside and you're golden. And if you're still in the market for a card, here comes the hard sell... we've got some pretty nice birthday cards here.

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