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Our Cards Are More Than Just a Card

Small Business Love Published Jul 06, 2023

We're not usually one to brag, you know that, right?! It's just not in our nature. But go ahead and indulge us here...

Our cards are not just cards. Of course, they are cards, but they are definitely not just cards. By that, I mean, our cards are more than your generic, mass-produced, cheap card picked up as an after thought as you walk past the card aisle in the local supermarket. Sure, there's a time and place for those types of cards, and that time is usually last-minute and that place is usually "oh crap, I forgot to buy a card for such-and-such's birthday" 


A greeting card aisle at a supermarket


So why spend £6-8 on a folded piece of card when you can pick one up for 49p from the local supermarket? I'm so glad that you asked. 

Well firstly, there's the quality. When you buy a 49p card, the chances are it hasn't been particularly thoroughly quality-checked. We draw, cut and hand finish each card individually, and therefore check each one at least 3 times before it is posted. We've stressed about millimetres, we've fine-tuned our processes and invented equipment to help us improve the quality of our cards. I mean, it's given us a lot of grey hair, but it's been worth it- we hope you'll agree. 

image shows hands measuring a pogofandango laser cut card


Secondly, there's the personalised-ness of our cards (yep, we're inventing words now too). You can have your card with any name and almost any colour paper insert- we have 17 to choose from. If you want something we don't offer, we'll always try our best to accommodate if at all possible. 


image shows coloured papers stacked in magazine racks


Then there's the good feels. We've already done a blog post on this click here to read more. Basically the gist of it is that we're good people, we do good things, and shopping small makes you a legend.

Still need more reasons? Can I interest you in eternal glory as the best card-giver? Have you ever seen the genuine reaction of someone opening the most thoughtful, beautiful, personal card they've ever seen? If not, you haven't lived, my friend. If you don't get at least a hint of a happy tear when they open your card, you're not doing it right! Try giving one of our cards next time. 



Our cards tend to have some pretty cool final resting places. Although they are recyclable, our cards rarely end up in the recycling. According to feedback, the most common outcome for our cards is a frame. Our cards are a standard size for frames and it is oh-so-easy to pick up a low-cost frame from a local homeware shop and you've got yourself a gorgeous gift. 

Other places our cards have been spotted include memory boxes, front covers of photo albums, scrap books, social media posts and the mantelpiece (because the recipient just couldn't bear to take it down).

And finally, not that you still need convincing, you're in good company. Of course, we're not allowed to spill the beans on specifics, but our cards have been bought and received by royalty, world class footballers (and their wives), Olympians, Hollywood actors, models, radio DJs, soap stars, TV favourites, MBEs, founders, influencers, heroes, and many all-round good eggs.

That feels good to get off my chest. Humble-mode re-activated, let normal business resume. 


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