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Why Unique Wedding Cards Make the Best Gifts

Gift Inspiration Published Jul 04, 2024

The problem with weddings these days is knowing what to get as a gift for the couple who already has everything. More often than not, couples are already set up in their homes before they tie the knot, so a toaster, champagne flutes or waffle-maker is simply not going to cut it as a wedding gift. 

So what do you get as a wedding gift for the couple who already has everything? 

Unique wedding cards are an excellent wedding gift idea for those that have no gift list, or requested money instead of gifts. If you are looking for a better way to give money for a wedding gift, look no further- we've got a solution for you!

With a personalised, laser cut wedding card, not only do you have a pretty way to give them cash or a cheque, but the card can be framed afterwards (basically it's just like giving them a gift without giving them a gift, a sneaky wedding loophole, if you will).

Here are our top three unique and personalised wedding cards for just such occasions:

A papercut wedding card with a date, 2 names and the words "on your wedding day" surrounded by laser cut leaf and flower shapes

On Your Wedding Day (from £5.75) - personalised with their first names and the date of their wedding. 


A laser cut luxury wedding card by Pogofandango, personalised with the names and wedding date inside a laser cut heart border, surrounded by flowers and leaves. There are two smaller hearts with the initials of the bride and groom.

Personalised laser cut wedding card (from £5.75)- Available in 11 colour choices, this unique wedding card is personalised with their surname, wedding date and initials. 

Hand finished cut out wedding cards made in the UK

Personalised Sacred Heart Wedding Card (from £5.75) and available in 10 colour options. This card is unbelievably intricate and detailed, and personalised with their names and the date of their wedding. 

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