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8 Uses for Our Christmas Star Decorations

Gift Inspiration Published Dec 13, 2023


Personalised Star Decorations

Personalised, unique, low cost and multi-purpose. Our personalised star Christmas decorations quite literally have it all! 

We created these fun little stars way back in October 2015 and have since sold THOUSANDS of them. In fact, one year, they were so popular after featured them, we had to work 20 hour days and we ran out of wood! (That's a lot of stars, we always have a lot of wood in stock)

Why are they so popular, I hear you ask?

Well, each one takes work- they are individually personalised, engraved, laser cut, hand sanded and hand finished with a ribbon. We quality check each one, and although grain is almost always visible, if there's an ugly knot on the front of the star decoration, we'll re-make it so it's perfect. We often go the extra mile, adding a year if requested, squeezing in super-long names, changing ribbon colours. We want you to love your purchase, and we think that shows.  

Whether you're buying them for yourself or as a gift, they have many many uses. Here are a few of our favourite suggestions for them. 

1- Hang them on your tree. They come in 3 sizes so mix them up- have a star for every member of the family. They've also been used as a way to honour and remember loved ones no longer here.

2- Gift tags. Our stars make the perfect eco-friendly, reusable gift tag. A gift tag that can also be hung on the tree after the gift has been unwrapped. 

3- Secret Santa gifts. What to buy for the colleague that you know nothing about? A Christmas decoration with their name on, of course! I mean, you at least know their name, and it is Christmas. And a hand made, personalised decoration from a small business is sure to be more of a hit than, say, a generic smelly set or chocolate selection box bought from the supermarket on the way in to work. 

4-Teacher gifts. See above. Be different and avoid the typical wine and chocolates and get them a thoughtful thank you gift they'll be able to appreciate for much longer. 

5- Place names for your Christmas table that double up as beautiful gifts. 

6- Name tags for Christmas stockings.

7- Token gifts for the kids' friends. It's not unheard of for a mum to buy 30 of these stars at a time so every one in their child's class gets a star for Christmas. That is some excellent mumming, right there, and we wholeheartedly approve! If you're after 20+ stars at once, drop us a message first and we'll hook you up with a juicy discount. 

8- Add them to your Christmas wreath

So whatever you're looking for, we reckon these stars have got it. We've even added new colourful hand painted stars this year. Check them out here

Personalised Christmas Star Decoration 


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