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How to Turn a Greetings Card into a Gift

I love sending cards, I mean, it makes sense as I own a laser cut greetings card company. But, one of my absolute favourite things to do is to add an extra little tuck-in gift to really bring my greetings card game up a notch. 

Here are my top tuck-in gift ideas to add to a card...

adding a photograph to a card

1- Photographs. The cuter or more sentimental the better. There's nothing nicer than opening a birthday card to find a vintage photograph of yourself and the card sender, living your best lives on that epic holiday, playing fancy dress as kids or celebrating a key moment of your friendship. 

2- A Postcard from a relevant place, or a beautifully illustrated or vintage postcard. 

3- Fancy Tea Bags. Give the recipient an excuse to take a break and indulge in some self-care by popping a posh herbal tea bag or hot chocolate sachet in the card.  

adding stickers to a card

 4- Stickers. This is always a hit with children! Add a few (unstuck) stickers to bring instant joy and smiles. 

5- A Lottery Ticket or Scratch Card.

6- Seed Packets. 

7- A lolly or small sweet treat

8- Origami. Flowers, animals, whatever takes your fancy. Find a tutorial online and get folding.

9- A fridge magnet

adding a gift to a card

10- A Hanging Decoration. This is a lovely flat gift to put inside a card and works particularly well at Christmas. We particularly love our hanging star decoration for this idea.

11- Your Child's Drawing

12- A gift card or voucher

13- Tickets. Show tickets, cinema tickets, tickets for a local event or, if your budget is larger, tickets for flights, a train journey or a weekend away. 

free printable gift voucher templates

14- A home-made coupon. Like an I-O-U, you could offer to buy them lunch, promise a night out, babysitting coupons, a home cooked meal or movie night. We've got a free digital download gift voucher for you to print at home and fill in the blanks- check it out HERE.

15- A bookmark

16- A newspaper clipping. You could include their horoscope if it is particularly relevant or amusing. 

17- A coin. Think lucky penny, or a coin from the year they were born, or maybe a limited edition coin. 

18- Cash. Because you're never too old for a fiver in a card.

19- A bracelet or other small (flat) piece of jewellery.

20- Pressed Flowers

21- Temporary Tattoos

22- Face Mask Samples or sachets. 

23- Trading Cards. This is always a winner with the kids

24- Sprinkle a few bits of paper confetti inside the card. A little warning about this from personal experience... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fill a card with loose glitter. Just don't. It's not big, it's not clever. I once filled (and boy do I mean filled) a card for my uncle with glitter for his birthday. He opened it in his holiday let and glitter went everywhere. I don't think he ever did get his deposit back... 

 tuck in gifts flatlay




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